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Nomadic Homes

Building Skoolies & Changing Lives One Bus At A Time

Nomadic Homes

Nomadic Homes

Nomadic Homes

Building Homes & Changing Lives One Bus At A Time


All Skoolies designed by Nomadic Homes are created with careful consideration and attention to detail. Courtney has years of experience building skoolies and in the automotive industry. This experience makes them incredible designers and bus builders.


After working with Skoolies for over four years, Courtney decided to start her own Skoolie Conversion Company and Nomadic Homes LLC was born in early 2022. They both promote & encourage woman-owned businesses.

Community Minded

Courtney is an active community members supporting local businesses & connecting with the people around them. Courtney is an Mental Health Advocates & speak up against Domestic Abuse.

Expert Quality & Designs

Each unique design is built with careful consideration & attention to details. Both Courtney & Cassidy have years of experience in the skoolie and automotive industry. Which helps them create reliable builds

Woman Owned & Operated

After working in the Skoolie Industry for four years. Courtney decided to found her own Skoolie Conversion Company. Cassidy join her on this journey and Nomadic Homes LLC in early 2022.

Mental Health Advocate

Courtney & Cassidy are also Mental Health Advocates & regularly speak up against Domestic Abuse. They encourage people through their soical media and remind us that we are never alone.

Community Minded & Focus

Courtney & Cassidy are active community members supporting local business & connecting with the people around them. They focus on creating an inclusive environment where individuals feel safe and welcome.

Hi I'm


Hi I'm



At Nomadic Homes, we are a woman-owned Skoolie building business driven by a powerful mission: to empower women, inspire dreams, and foster personal transformation. My remarkable journey from overcoming domestic abuse to pursing my own dreams fuels my unwavering commitment to supporting women in their pursuit of independence, creativity and fulfillment. I grew up in Minnesota and always sought out for something greater. I had a heart full of dreams and an insatiable thirst for adventure.  At 21 years old I risked it all and sold all my belongings to book a one way ticket to Alaska. My friends and family were driven by concern and fear and discouraged me from pursuing my dreams. My decision was undoubtedly the scariest I had ever made, doubt often whispered in my ear but I believe that the greatest growth lies on the other side of fear. I knew without the support from my friends and family, that I would have to become my own source of strength. I began my travels by throwing a mattress in the back of a 1990 Suburban.I discovered hidden reserves of strength inside me as I navigated being on my own for the first time in my life and found me doing it. Over the last 6 years, I’ve traveled in multiple skoolies, went to 49 states, learned new traits, and built a career around something I love. My life took a halt when I met my abuser on the road and my life was almost taken. Nomadic Homes gave me the strength to take my power back and am now an advocate against Domestic Violence. I want to help inspire and empower other females to help them heal, grow, and always know their worth. You can find me in the shop, working on art projects with my amazing partner, or spending time with Mala my amazing sidekick and dog. 

What's The Best Build For You?


Full Builds

Full builds are a complete custom conversion. Everything from the floors to the ceiling is handpicked and carefully designed. You will also have all of the electrical and plumbing completed before you hit the road. Full Builds also come with any custom work you wish to add. Such as custom paint, furniture, cabinets, floors, and countertops. Courtney and her team will discuss generators, appliances, and heating and cooling options with each client.  Nomadic Homes also offers a variety of other custom options such as exterior paint jobs, and solar and wifi installation. Full Builds allow you to make your skoolie the perfect home on wheels. 

Partial Skoolies can be built By Nomadic Homes Bus Conversion Owners Courtney and Cassidy

Partial Builds

Partial builds included everything but the finishing touches! These builds are perfect for the DIY person who would like a little professional help. A partial build includes subfloors, walls, cabinets and any custom furniture. Electric and plumbing are completed, along with light switches and light fixtures installed. However, any interior/exterior painting, cushions, curtains or decorative items are not included. Also, any exterior signs and stickers will be left on the exterior. Nomadic Homes offers many different add ons for partial builds, such as an off-grid package, and Wi-Fi installation. This type of build allows our clients to add their individual style but still have all the features they know they need before hitting the road.


Individual Services

Nomadic Homes offers a variety of individual services to assist clients at any point in their build. We offer;

  • Exterior Paint Services
  • Demolition and Gutting Services
  • Roof Raises
  • Rooftop Decks
  • Custom Front Doors
  • Solar Installation
  • Flooring Installation
  • Window Tinting 
  • Window Deleting & Installation
  • Exterior Storage Boxes

If you are interested in any of these individual services please reach out t0 us by clicking the button below.

Some Of my Previous Skoolie Builds

Skoolies built By Nomadic Homes Bus Conversion Team

Home is where my plants are."

Courtney Stutelberg


Home is where my plants are."

Courtney Stutelberg

Skoolies built By Nomadic Homes Bus Conversion Team